Toori is NAKERS!

[A brown haired boy stands naked and smiling. His upper body to his bikini line is visible]

This is a submission for 8dayswithoutme’s Horizon on Tits 2 Project.

So. I may have fudged a little in this little project. Instead of being interested because I’d NOT seen the show my enthusiasm for Horizon S2 comes from the fact that I’d seen the first season. Here’s the thing: I might be able to infer what’s going on based on my knowledge of the show, but I’ve got NO idea how we got there.

What’s amusing to be about Horizon is the strange way in which magic interacts with combat. For me, the bizarre literary battle was hilarious because OF COURSE this show would butcher Shakespeare especially since it’s period appropriate and at the same time utterly absurd. Sadly, that’s all the real action in the episode, so ONTO OTHER THINGS!

Experience with the work DOES acclimate me to some things. Like, I’m not surprised by the fact that Toori spends the whole episode nakers (it’s completely in keeping with his perviness), and I love the little censor box they put over his schween. And it’s this aplomb that makes the show amusing. It’s assembled a cast of insane characters that defy physics and reason and then tries to make us care about them. We see a touching moment between Black-Wings and Bookworm that implies some shared history. We see Ninja Hat acting like something other than a pervy high schooler, and the really dumb “fake-bad-touching-played-for-laughs” scene is incidental to a plot about an old man and his feelings about war. The show seems to have moments where it has delusions of being a real shounen show like, say, Sacred 7… Oh, wait. ALSO BY SUNRISE. It’s all starting to make sense.

In the end, I think it’s what has me glued to the show. While there is some underlying organization and plot if you look really hard, mostly it’s bugnuts and completely aware of it. It does everything dialed up to 150% which of course causes the insane breast sizes and nonsense battles. But you know what? It’s kind of charming in a hokey way. Sunrise threw a huge amount of money at a laughable plot and the result makes for some good “lolwtf” viewing.

As a quick aside,  I want to point out that I’m personally, however, I’m in it for Masasumi Honda. In the original series, it appeared that he was a dfab (designated female at birth) boy. He wore the boys’ uniform. His classmates assumed he was male and he was groomed as such. To my dismay he was outed as biologically female by Toori at the end of the season and encouraged to represent as such. Tuning in to find him wearing an altered girl’s uniform had me sad to say the least. The episode itself didn’t feature him (her?) much besides making it clear that the rest of the cast now considers Masasumi a girl. I’m not terribly amused, but I’ll wait and see what’s to come.

Verdict? As they said in elementary school: “Second Verse / Same as the first: / A little bit louder and a little bit worse!”

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