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Moretsu Pirates Episode 10

Wait! What’s this?! What do we have here? Chiaki! What are you doing? What’s with the get-up? Were you… posing?


Moretsu Pirates Episodes 8 & 9

The official entrance of Princess Gruier Serenity and the beginnings of galactic political intrigue.

Imagine Chiaki doing this...

Colloquium: Moretsu Pirates Episode 6

If Marika hadn’t wormed her way into your heart already, she certainly made a charming effort in this episode.

Katoh Marika, Marika's decision, Moretsu Pirates 5, Bodacious Space Pirates 5

Colloquium: Moretsu Pirates Episode 5

Pirates has been teasing the viewer with the promise of a conflict, and slowly building Marika’s character. Will she ever don a pirates’ uniform?


Moretsu Pirates Episode 3

The first episode was a promise, the second episode was a lesson, and in more ways than one this third episode was a test.


Moretsu Pirates Episode 2

If the first episode was a promise, then this second one was a lesson.

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