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This is when two people yell at each other over the internet about terrible cartoons.


Colloquium: Ozma Episode One

Perhaps, upon first glance, one would expect Ozma to be pure, campy, sci-fi fun. And yet, Ozma isn’t camp. However, it is pure fun.


Colloquium: Anime We Would Really Like to See

Everybody’s a critic, especially here at A&V, but just how well would we do at coming up with the anime of our dreams? See for yourself in this grand colloquium.

Imagine Chiaki doing this...

Colloquium: Moretsu Pirates Episode 6

If Marika hadn’t wormed her way into your heart already, she certainly made a charming effort in this episode.

Katoh Marika, Marika's decision, Moretsu Pirates 5, Bodacious Space Pirates 5

Colloquium: Moretsu Pirates Episode 5

Pirates has been teasing the viewer with the promise of a conflict, and slowly building Marika’s character. Will she ever don a pirates’ uniform?


Colloquium: Mawaru Penguindrum Episode 23

“I’ve had enough of listening to your bullshit you stupid bitch. Hurry and hand over your rotten, delusional ambition, this ‘Fate Diary’ to that dumbass.”

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