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This is when two people yell at each other over the internet about terrible cartoons.


We explore names and emotions in colloquium format in this very special episodic post of Mysterious Girlfriend X!


If one thing could be said about this series, it’s that Lupin III: The Woman Called Fujiko Mine is sexy. Sexy in a way that one rarely sees; in a dangerous manner that is as provocative as it is alluring.


Perhaps, upon first glance, one would expect Ozma to be pure, campy, sci-fi fun. And yet, Ozma isn’t camp. However, it is pure fun.


Everybody’s a critic, especially here at A&V, but just how well would we do at coming up with the anime of our dreams? See for yourself in this grand colloquium.

Imagine Chiaki doing this...

If Marika hadn’t wormed her way into your heart already, she certainly made a charming effort in this episode.

Katoh Marika, Marika's decision, Moretsu Pirates 5, Bodacious Space Pirates 5

Pirates has been teasing the viewer with the promise of a conflict, and slowly building Marika’s character. Will she ever don a pirates’ uniform?


What is true happiness?


“I’ve had enough of listening to your bullshit you stupid bitch. Hurry and hand over your rotten, delusional ambition, this ‘Fate Diary’ to that dumbass.”

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