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Opinions About Animeā„¢


Repetition, used carefully, can enhance a work as much as effective photography or musical score.


In which Jintai is more than just another series of otaku in-jokes.

"We all want to be the one!"

Is this post about quantum physics, branching narratives, or… both at the same time? A meta-mystery of a post spanning the fifth dimension of probability space.

"But it's so tiring..."

In Hyouka, at the end of the day no matter who’s playing detective, the question remains: whodunit?


What is it about Naru that inspires such strong reaction?

curiously-shaped-hair-clip-wearing heroine

All seems happy and carefree. However, a slight shadow is cast. A hint of things yet to come.

"So...just what exactly is this show trying to do again?"

So Hyouka has some cute meddlin’ kids… but is it a great detective story?

Because the world needs more Nori

Suppose you glance at Twitter. What, pray, do you see?

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