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Each week, we work in silence. Each week, we work in darkness. Each week, we write a over 9000 words about what cartoon came on TV in Japan that week.


Horizon on the Middle of Cleavage Episode 2

Did you know the first volume of the Horizon in the Middle of Nowhere series is alone slightly longer than War and Peace?[citation needed]


Binbou-gami ga! Episode 2

In particular, this episode increased the focus on quick sight gags.


Binbou-gami ga! Episode 1

It’s a cartoon of the highest order, with an admirably old-school gag mentality and the technical chops to back it up.

Mysterious Girlfriend X Episodes 9-13 END

The rushed conclusion to the Mysterious Girlfriend X set of episodic posts, which discusses the significance of scissors and cherry blossoms in the work.

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