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Each week, we work in silence. Each week, we work in darkness. Each week, we write a over 9000 words about what cartoon came on TV in Japan that week.

"The fairies manzines are too hard. Onto the ban list they go!"

Woe to manga editors, for the sneaky baseball bat of Jintai is waiting around the corner to give you a smack.

Binbou-gami ga! 03 Keita crying in the rain because he's so uninteresting

This episode was boring. Let’s talk about something else.


Did you know the first volume of the Horizon in the Middle of Nowhere series is alone slightly longer than War and Peace?[citation needed]


In particular, this episode increased the focus on quick sight gags.


It’s a cartoon of the highest order, with an admirably old-school gag mentality and the technical chops to back it up.

The rushed conclusion to the Mysterious Girlfriend X set of episodic posts, which discusses the significance of scissors and cherry blossoms in the work.

A very pig-related post for Mysterious Girlfriend X, which covers boars and bacon.


Good ol’ existential terror in a Kyoani show.

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