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Repetition, used carefully, can enhance a work as much as effective photography or musical score.


In which Jintai is more than just another series of otaku in-jokes.

Wait, I was promised a baseball episode!

When choosing to wax lyrical on one episode, and only one episode of anime alone, usually the writer has an idea in mind. A concept. A plan. Usually. Not now, but usually.

"We all want to be the one!"

Is this post about quantum physics, branching narratives, or… both at the same time? A meta-mystery of a post spanning the fifth dimension of probability space.


A bit on the interactions of the characters in Hyouka, and the web of support and sometimes sadness formed when each of the characters find themselves in each others’ shadows.


Watch the Otakon Sexism in Anime and Anime Fandom panel right here! Or on YouTube. But we’re cooler, you know.


Chronicling the Anglo-Spanish War one nubile young woman at a time. (NSFW images linked)

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