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The dangers of pride, and hubris.


Don’t judge a book girl by her… uh… you know what, do what you like.

Renton Thurston, William Baxter, Eureka Seven

As I huddled over the flicker of the 3.5” screen of my iPod Touch during the morning’s wee hours, Renton’s convalescence and education at the hands of William B. Baxter awoke memories of another tale.

Imagine Chiaki doing this...

If Marika hadn’t wormed her way into your heart already, she certainly made a charming effort in this episode.


Twitter is an intriguing beast.


What do Gundam AGE and Unicorn have to say about fatherhood? You could click on this post to find out. You don’t have to, but…

Katoh Marika, Marika's decision, Moretsu Pirates 5, Bodacious Space Pirates 5

Pirates has been teasing the viewer with the promise of a conflict, and slowly building Marika’s character. Will she ever don a pirates’ uniform?

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