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ajthfourth: It’s another lovely, if a bit muggy, evening.  A perfect time to wrap up our viewing of Kamisama no Memochou, which, despite an out-of-place fanservice moment, maintained its focus on how various people gather and process information in an age where information bombards our senses at a frenetic pace. Average Rating: 4.6 out of […]


  vucubcaquix:  This week, we’re treated to the first episode of Kamisama no Memochou, a show about a so-called NEET Detective Agency and right off the bat the first thing I noticed are the stellar production values of this series. The first notes of the soundtrack’s bells and electronic notes are accompanied with the various […]


There is no meaning to our lives, except that which we make for ourselves.

Mushishi: Where Sea Meets Man

In Mushishi Episode 8 the lines between consideration and selfishness are blurred.


The reason for Hououin Kyouma and the quest to undo what has already happened.


“I love you.” These are very hard words to say to someone for the first time. There’s always the chance that you could be rejected. If you choose to stay in the dark, you may not get the guy/girl, but at least there will still be a chance that you could have your feelings reciprocated.


Is Ika Musume cribbing from America’s top CG-movie-maker?

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