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A tragic tale of one man’s descent from the higher realms of animated entertainment to the dregs of cartoonage — and the philosophical hoops one probably doesn’t need to jump through to justify what one loves.


Here are my top 5. Now here are another top 5. Should we stop at two top fives?


Like yellow in the Pacific that you’ll never quite notice, these opinions don’t really matter. But here they are.


This list contains Haruhi Suzumiya, and this author stands by its inclusion.


Let’s try to end on an honest note.


Glancing at the garish plastic adorning my bookshelf, I asked, “What do I love about stories?” And, as I eyed the titles before me, my mind’s eye conjured images of their characters–the interactions between them–that move us to laughter, tears, or a simple smile of pleasure at a tale well told.

“I shall cease to be human, Jojo!”

Bitmap reviews two great short anime for the 2012 Secret Santa Project.

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