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「わーひっ」 by yuh (click through for Pixiv)

Bitmap talks briefly about his top 5 anime.

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A little secret: I hate writing reviews. I also despise putting together “Top Lists” due to an inability to rate one thing over another. Say I was called upon to list my favorite series of this past year, 2012. Immediately springing to mind is Tsuritama, for I honestly cannot think of an anime more jubilant […]


Cardcaptor Sakura, I thought, was a natural place to start. And I was right. Where I finished… well.


What is the price that we pay for throwing away childish things?

crybaby Erina

Erina Joestar: Girl, woman, mother, grandmother, anchor, superpower.


Everyone’s favorite fabulous fighting anime is loaded with Rock and Roll easter eggs. Here’s a few for you youngsters.

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A manga that takes our typical loner anime kid protagonist and turns the whole concept of his pure love inside out.

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