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Feminism is about more choice. You don’t have to get in the tank, Shinji.


Surely we’re allowed a bit of meta-commentary now and again, aren’t we?


How a good character and a bad character react to the death of a loved one.


This week, baseball, rain, crying, something something.

She whose smile is, apparently, like the sun.

otou-san: I feel like I really denied everyone the opportunity to witness me foaming at the mouth when it comes to last week’s Literary Bus (awful twitter joke ahoy). But as AJ4 mentioned last time, it turns out I do value the arrival of my firstborn slightly more than Key-shaming. Thanks to our guest Myst […]


Somebody take the library for a walk before he poops on the carpet.


Once you go red, you can never… uh… not sure where this is going.

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