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Each week, we work in silence. Each week, we work in darkness. Each week, we write a over 9000 words about what cartoon came on TV in Japan that week.


“The water is alive. But don’t fear the water. Don’t resist. Accept it, and it will accept you back.”

The lives of individuals are meaningless before the greater cause.

Really, who would want to be ruled by a false god, anyway?


In this fascinating series with an incredible amount of left turns, what is in store next?


The fifteenth episode of the currently airing From The New World continues Saki and Satoru’s quest to find their friends, and return with them to the human settlement before their deadline falls, and the hounds released. Average Rating: 4.8 out of 5 based on 268 user reviews. [ | | | | ]

Wait, I was promised a baseball episode!

When choosing to wax lyrical on one episode, and only one episode of anime alone, usually the writer has an idea in mind. A concept. A plan. Usually. Not now, but usually.


A bit on the interactions of the characters in Hyouka, and the web of support and sometimes sadness formed when each of the characters find themselves in each others’ shadows.


Chronicling the Anglo-Spanish War one nubile young woman at a time. (NSFW images linked)


The addition of masochistic dog-spirit Momou to the cast creates a variety of new avenues for physical humor.

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