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Each week, we work in silence. Each week, we work in darkness. Each week, we write a over 9000 words about what cartoon came on TV in Japan that week.


The official entrance of Princess Gruier Serenity and the beginnings of galactic political intrigue.


The dangers of pride, and hubris.


In space, there is no absolute direction.


The first episode was a promise, the second episode was a lesson, and in more ways than one this third episode was a test.


If the first episode was a promise, then this second one was a lesson.


There is a promise being made here. Through girls in pirate outfits, shiny tech in somewhat familiar settings, the juxtaposition of the romantic mores of pirating society with that of the mundanity of adolescent schooldays and the high adventure of the most open frontier.


The reason for Hououin Kyouma and the quest to undo what has already happened.


Is Ika Musume cribbing from America’s top CG-movie-maker?

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