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It’s a cartoon of the highest order, with an admirably old-school gag mentality and the technical chops to back it up.

"So...just what exactly is this show trying to do again?"

So Hyouka has some cute meddlin’ kids… but is it a great detective story?

The rushed conclusion to the Mysterious Girlfriend X set of episodic posts, which discusses the significance of scissors and cherry blossoms in the work.

Because the world needs more Nori

Suppose you glance at Twitter. What, pray, do you see?


8C proves “sex-positive ero-manga” doesn’t have to be an oxymoron in this post focusing on Shimimaru’s erotic story collection, JUNK LAND.

"I'm crushing her dream for the sake of my own."

Oh Captain, My Captain.

Aoi Hana

「 What are girls made of? 」

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