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how denpa do you even have to be to read the alt text

A cursory introduction to the Japanese concept of denpa, in which a theoretical historical framework under which the “denpa aesthetic” developed over time is established and explored briefly.


Perhaps, upon first glance, one would expect Ozma to be pure, campy, sci-fi fun. And yet, Ozma isn’t camp. However, it is pure fun.


Wait! What’s this?! What do we have here? Chiaki! What are you doing? What’s with the get-up? Were you… posing?


She rampages, she disappears, she gets melancholy, she sighs. Kyon-kun, denwa!

Hotaru Takegawa and Gin

With a simple story that could fit as a one-or-two episode arc in Natsume Yuujinchou, the short movie Hotarubi no Mori e, based on a one-shot story by Natsume author Yuki Midorikawa, may be brief, but carries its message and sentiment across with charm.


The official entrance of Princess Gruier Serenity and the beginnings of galactic political intrigue.


Nisemonogatari meets feminist theory, and it ain’t the friendliest outing.

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